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To our friends at Target

For the past 20 years we've had a great relationship with many folks at Target Corporation. As part of the Minneapolis Advertising, Design and Marketing Community we’d like to offer a place for you to to hang out while you search for your next great opportunity. [Read More...]

Workshops & Seminars


Online Creative Portfolio Workshop

Get assignments and critiques for your portfolio. Perfect for copywriters, art directors and designers of all skill levels. Over the course of the session, you’ll be given individual assignments based on your skill level designed to improve your concepting skills and ultimately allow you to add … [Read More...]

Featured Program


New! UX Design Online Certificate Program

UX skills are currently in high demand and short supply and we are excited to announce that we've created a brand new intensive UX online certificate … [Read More...]

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Partner with Brainco

Join our ever-growing intergalatic network of communication professionals . We'd love to work with you. Do you want to teach your own classes? List your co-working space? Promote your event. Sponsor a class? Start a new business? Just let us know how we can team up to make things happen. No idea is too far fetched -as long as it's on strategy.